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  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6
  • 85 in 100 adults currently experience back pain

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Did you know that every single professional football team utilizes chiropractic care? Isn’t it time you improved your game with chiropractic? Contact our office today to gain a competitive edge.

Services Provided from Dr. Karen

Full-Spine & Extremity Adjustments

Myofascial Therapy

Soft Tissue Work

Rehab/Exercise Sheets

Strength Rehab

Nutrition Advice

E-Stem/TENS Machine

Techniques Used By Dr. Karen



Logan Basic


Services Provided From Molly, LMT

Trigger Point Therapy

Sports Injury

Myofascial Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy


Pre & Post Surgery